Discover who does what at your local newspaper’s office

Odds are, you grew up in a home where newspapers and other media publications were kindly welcomed. You probably remember your dad sitting in his favorite chair early in the morning, sipping a cup of coffee and reading the morning news. You probably sat in the living room floor on a lazy Sunday afternoon and read the comics. You might have even colored the weather a time or two and submitted it for publication in your hometown paper. But do you really know how a newspaper works? Who does what? Where does the news come from? And how does the newspaper go from a computer screen at the newspaper office to a press and finally to your front door?
It’s actually a pretty interesting process. The news is gathered by journalists (reporters, editors and writers) who receive news tips from the public and keep their eyes and ears open for interesting things going on in the community. But it takes more than just journalists to run a newspaper.
Newspapers need writers to produce content, designers to create the pages, advertising representatives to sell ads and secretaries to answer phones. A newspaper also needs pressmen to print the pages and managers to handle legal and money issues.
The Southern Sentinel has six employees who work daily to produce this paper you’re reading right now. Here’s a little peek into who we are and what we do.

Tim Watson, General Manager: Tim is the boss. He handles numbers and circulation, and he also serves as an advertising representative. He often attends community events on behalf of the Southern Sentinel.

Beth Thomas, News Editor: Beth scours the county for the news content you read in the Southern Sentinel. She conducts interviews, writes the stories and takes a lot of the pictures you see in the paper. She’s usually found out and about in the community asking questions, getting to know the community and taking pictures at community events. Beth also determines “what” goes “where” and on what page it goes on. Contact Beth for your news questions and concerns, and read her editorials and columns in the “Prospectives” section.

Deborah Hardin, Sales Consultant: Deborah is your go-to person for advertising. She frequents shops and businesses in Tippah County and makes sure their advertising is adequately covered in the Southern Sentinel. Contact Deborah for all of your advertising needs.

Jessica Davis, Office Manager: Jessica is the friendly voice you usually hear on the other end of the phone when you call the Southern Sentinel. She handles legals, types up submitted material and tends to customers when they call or walk through the door.

Tina Meadows, Production Manager: Tina is the creative mind behind the Southern Sentinel’s overall look. She designs the paper’s layout and customizes ads. She also tends to the needs of customers.

Kedrick Storey, Sports Writer: Kedrick is the sports guy. He covers Tippah County sports and occasionally dips into news coverage, too. You can spot him at every Tippah County sporting event and tournament, and a lot of times, he helps cover community events as well. Contact Kedrick for sports information, and look for his columns and stories in the B section of the Southern Sentinel.

Joyce Brock, News Editor, Southern Advocate: Joyce singlehandedly runs the Southern Advocate, Benton County’s newspaper and sister paper of the Southern Sentinel. She handles all of the Advocate’s content and advertising, and from time to time she contributes news and editorial to the Southern Sentinel. Contact Joyce for advertising or news content concerning the Southern Advocate.

Of course, you’re more than welcomed to call or stop by the office anytime to say “hi” or to find out more about what we can offer you. And as always, we happily welcome your submissions and news tips.

About Beth Thomas

Beth Thomas Harmon is the news editor for the Southern Sentinel. She graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2011 with a degree in journalism. Beth is a New Albany native, and she began working at the Sentinel in 2013.
  • Garry Martin

    What a great news paper on 7/17/13
    Even the ads looked good and informative.
    Great work guys.
    I know it had to be this way, so I understand,
    many have remarked to me that missed my
    article in the Sentinel.

    God Bless,