Qualification underway for municipal elections

TIPPAH COUNTY — Area municipalities will hold elections for Mayor and Board of Aldermen later this year.

Qualifying has opened in all five Tippah County municipalities – Ripley, Walnut, Blue Mountain, Falkner and Dumas. Qualification will close Friday, March 3 and the general election will be Tuesday, June 6. Ripley is the only municipality which will hold a primary on Tuesday, May 2. Winners of the primary will go on to the general election.

As of press time, no one had qualified in Dumas or Falkner.

In Ripley, David Hurt (D) and Chris Marsalis (R) have qualified to run for mayor. In the alderman race Joey Bryant has qualified in Ward 1, Homer Richardson in Ward 2, Jackie McKenzie in Ward 3, Steven Freeman in Ward 4 and Jon Grisham for Alderman at Large.

In Blue Mountain, Doug Norton has qualified for mayor and Gene Lansdale, Gerald Akins, Mike Pope and Johnny Jones have qualified for the alderman race.

In Walnut, Vicki Skinner has qualified for mayor.

Individuals interested in running for mayor or alderman should contact the Town Hall in their respective town for further information on qualifying to run.

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