Welcome to TIPsheet, and don’t call me Shirley

AP file photo
AP file photo

Hello, fellow humans.

The Journal’s ballers and shot-callers have decided to let me have a blog again, and you might have just said to yourself, surely they can’t be serious. Well, it’s true. Much like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, I am reprising a familiar role.

As that big banner at the top of this page tells you, this blog is called TIPsheet. Here, in a nutshell, is its mission: To provide you with easily digestible chunks of news – with the option of partaking in the entire buffet at DJournal.com – and encouraging discussion of important topics (and trivial ones, if you wish). It’s also a place for certain odds and ends that I hope you’ll find useful, like those always entertaining police reports. And we’ll stay on top of the social media buzz, too.

This blog is bound to evolve over time as you and I get a feel for it, and I’m wide open to ideas from you on what should appear in this space.

Background: I have been the Journal’s online content coordinator since September. I used to cover Mississippi State for the Journal, and so I did quite a big of blogging from 2008-13. Hopefully I remember how.

I’ll have one or more two posts for you before the day is out. Thanks for stopping by.


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