Daily Lead 3.10.14: Let’s knock over some houses

Hi. It’s Monday, and I’m sure a lot of you are on vacation for spring break. Have fun and stay out of jail. Now, as we ponder the number of Tupelo Moms who are striding enthusiastically through Disney World’s Magic Kingdom right now, let’s review the top stories from today’s Journal and recap the weekend.

Razing houses a last resort – Maybe so, but it also looks like loads of fun. Nanney Drive has one less eyesore thanks to the city demolishing a crumbling residence, much to the chagrin of local vermin. By the way, you gotta watch out for those Tupelo code enforcement folks. I once got a notice that I’d left my garbage can by the curb for too long, and it was written in a very indignant hand.

Body found in burned building after fire – A blaze early Sunday morning claimed the life of a Tishomingo County man. No cause of the fire is yet known.

IAHS ‘rebuilding’ ahead of schedule – The MHSAA State Basketball Tournament resumes today at the Big Dump, I mean, the Big House in Jackson. The IAHS girls are seeking their first state title in 62 years. Long time. Back then, I believe girls teams played eight to a side, but some of them had to play the entire game on defense. Something like that. Ask Houlka’s Jimmy Guy McDonald, he was probably coaching back then.

‘The SantaLand Diaries’ earns three regional theater awards – TCT Off Broadway brought home some hardware for a recent production. The play was written by David Sedaris, a successful comedian and author who shares my dislike of Chinese food.


Weekend wrap

Some stories you might’ve missed from our weekend editions, or perhaps you’d like to read them again because our writers are so good.

Timber industry altering state’s terrain – Errol Castens took an in-depth look at the timber industry’s affect on Mississippi’s landscape. If you don’t feel like reading the story, at least click to link to see a fine photograph taken by the Journal’s Thomas Wells.

Gunn, Reeves not sold on individual merit pay – The state Legislature is trying to hammer out a plan to raise teacher salaries, but two top Republicans remain wary of a merit-based plan. In fact, House Speaker Philip Gunn has proposed a plan that includes easily reachable benchmarks, but he said he did that mostly to appease Gov. Phil Bryant. So, yeah, I’m confused. And people wonder why I loathe politics.

Closing arguments in Parvin trial – The lawyers will make their final pitches to the jury this morning in the David Parvin murder trial. We should get a verdict today, and JB Clark is on the scene. (Trivia: Priscilla Presley said JB and I look like brothers. True story.)


Photo of the Week

If you didn’t click on the timber story, then you haven’t seen the photo I mentioned. So here it is, honored as our Daily Journal Photo of the Week.

03061402 Timber


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