Social Buzz: That’s dope, yo

That's a lot of joints to blow. (AP photo)
That’s a lot of joints to blow. (AP photo)

So, this Social Buzz post is about marijuana, which will please at least a couple of regular commenters.

The state of Colorado, as you likely know, legalized the commercial sale of pot. And state revenue officials reported today that the state collected about $2 million in taxes in January, which is when the legalized sale of cannabis kicked in. More than $14 million worth of recreational dope was sold in the first month of 2014.

Washington will soon begin selling the wacky weed, and other states are seeing a push for it. Discussion question: Should Mississippi legalize pot? Better question: Would Mississippi legalize pot? This is a state that still has something called dry counties, so…

Anyway, here is some Twitter reaction to Colorado’s influx of Mary Jane money.

For the un-hip among you, “dope” is a slang term for marijuana, and it can also mean “awesome” or “swell.” It’s just how the kids talk these days.

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