Daily Lead 3.11.14: We could use some ghostly help

Hello, friends. My, but it feels like spring out there, doesn’t it? So as we ponder my burning hatred of yard work, let’s run through the top stories from today’s Journal.

Reeves: Panel likely to raise revenue estimate – Oh, more money than expected for our state government to spend? I’m sure they’ll use it wisely.

Battlefield damaged by off-road vehicles – Some unknown jackwagons tore through Brice’s Crossroads Battlefield and caused quite a bit of damage. The 150th anniversary of that battle is coming up in June, so here’s hoping officials can get things back in order in time for the commemoration. And here’s hoping the vandals are caught and/or mercilessly haunted by vengeful Civil War ghosts.

Golden years: Jefferson fondly recalls his state tournament trips – Cool story by Brandon Speck on NBA standout Al Jefferson, who starred at Prentiss High School and jumped directly to the NBA. Jefferson is having a strong season, averaging a double-double, and he’s a big reason the Charlotte Bobcats are in position to make the playoffs(!).

Red Raiders eager to flex muscles tonight – Shannon will hit the floor at 8 p.m. in the state basketball tournament. Question: Raiders coach Cedric Brim lives on my street, so should I roll his yard if they win the state title?

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