Daily Wrap 3.10.14: Wrecking balls, opinions, and yep, he’s still guilty

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot clicks

Razing houses is last resort – This was our most popular story today until the David Parvin verdict came down late this afternoon. Seeing a building getting torn down is a good time, I suppose, but it needed more wrecking ball – sans Miley Cyrus.

Violating rights walks on both sides of issues – Community columnist Tim Wildmon weighed in on the issue of religious freedom bills as they relate to homosexuals. As expected, there was a lot of passionate reaction to it, and it was one of the most-read items on our site all weekend.

Backup QB important role in Rebels’ offense – Another Sunday column with legs is Parrish Alford‘s on Ole Miss quarterbacks not named Bo Wallace. The Rebs appear deep at the position, but boy I’d sure like to see Robert Nkemdiche get a crack at it. We already know he can play running back, and he wouldn’t be close to the biggest college QB we’ve ever seen.



Parvin guilty … again – As mentioned earlier, Parvin was found guilty today of murdering his wife in 2007. It’s the second time he’s been convicted, but the re-trial was ordered after a technicality made the first conviction null and void. The 76-year-old received a life sentence, so … see ya.

Need more gas – Publice Service Commish Brandon Presley is urging the state’s natural gas companies to make their product more widely available to rural communities. My grandmother, who lives in Lafayette County, has had this big ol’ propane tank ever since I can remember, so I have this odd affection for them. Not that progress isn’t good, because outhouses are the worst – unless it’s this one.


Nation/world highlights

Malaysian mystery – The disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines plane remains mysterious, and officials are trying to figure out how a couple of stolen passports might or might not have played a role.

Ukraine going nuclear? – It could happen, and the situation over there becomes increasingly delicate. If you’re like me and are picky about what world events you follow, this is probably one you should follow.

Uninsured rate drops – More people are getting insured, which could be due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (and in spite of the severe website issues).


Talk it out

It’s spring break, and several Journal reporters are off taking vacations and whatnot. So tell me, what’s your best spring break memory?

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