Social Buzz: Twitter takes a nap

Note the time stamps, and note a dark period of my life.
Note the time stamps, and note a dark period of my life. (Click to enlarge)

Oh man, guys, my soul felt so cold and empty when I got back from lunch and realized TWITTER WAS DOWN. FOR LIKE, 30 WHOLE MINUTES. And it coughed and sputtered a bit after coming back up, and as of this posting there seems to be some lingering issues.

This happens from time to time, but I don’t believe as frequently as it used to. So when it does happen, I feel this void, reminding me just how much time (too much) I spend on Twitter. I mean, part of my job description is handling the Journal’s social media accounts, but I’ve come to love Twitter, period.

Why do I love it? I guess because it’s instantaneous, but also because it keeps me from having to go look for stories I want to read. Plus, I’m anti-social, and this gives me the degree of detachment I desire when it comes to interacting with people.

When the Zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll probably cry over Twitter’s demise. Which is too bad, because live-tweeting the Zombie apocalypse would be kinda cool. You could even adopt a zombie (after giving it the Michonne treatment) and create an account for it.

“RRRGGGHHHHHAAAAHHHH!” – @iluvneckmeat

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