Daily Wrap 3.13.14: Court champs, lawbreakers, and firestarters

Snoop be like, don't embezzle my shirtezzle. (AP photo)
Snoop be like, don’t embezzle my shirtezzle. (AP photo)

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot clicks

Moot court champion – Trey Lyons, a Lee County native and Ole Miss student, won a law team competition. As the story notes, Lyons thought about being a doctor but settled on being a lawyer instead. Yeah, I thought about becoming a doctor or lawyer, but then I decided I wanted a job with those kinds of hours but for a lot less pay.

Oxford woman faces embezzlement charges – “Embezzle” sounds like a word Snoop Dogg made up, doesn’t it? Don’t embezzle the monezzle or you’ll get arrezzled and tossed in the jailezzle. Fo shizzle.



• Title bouts – Three area basketball teams played for state titles today, and only one brought home a trophy. The H.W. Byers girls captured the Class 2A title, while Baldwyn’s boys (2A) and Pine Grove’s girls (1A) both came up short.

New sentence, maybe – Brett Jones, who was convicted in 2004 of stabbing his grandfather to death, could see his life sentence (without parole) shortened. He was 15 when originally sentenced. What do y’all think should happen?

R.I.P, again – The poor fella in Holmes County who woke up in a body bag a couple of weeks ago has died. I’m going to assume the coroner double-checked this time.

Don’t let it burn – This dry weather has made for prime fire conditions, and a Pontotoc official is urging residents not to burn stuff. As he noted, the grass is “too crispy right now.” That just made me think of Pringles. Mmm … brb.


Nation/world highlights

NYC death toll rises – Eight are now confirmed dead in the gas explosion that destroyed two apartment buildings in East Harlem. As the story notes, this situation is a reminder of just how old that city is.

Latest on vanishing plane – Officials know the Malaysia Airlines plane changed direction, and now they say there’s a high probability it’s at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Just amazes me that something that large can be lost for so long.


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