Police Reports 3.17.14: Fights, shot dog, and a bush fire

MUGSHOT OF THE DAY: Jerry Wayne Kilgore of Fulton looks truly sorry for his (alleged) crimes.
MUGSHOT OF THE DAY: Jerry Wayne Kilgore of Fulton looks truly sorry for his (alleged) crimes.

Hey there, people. Got some police reports to round up from the weekend, and it seems things were sorta slow in Tupelo and greater Lee County. Not too much juicy stuff here, although we are reminded that people still fight with their in-laws, which is sort of comforting in a way. Not so comforting: Someone shooting a dog. Punk.

Here, a sampling of the weekend’s miscreant behavior.


Lee County Sheriff’s Department

• A Drive 1283 resident reported a driver speeding up and down the road.

• A County Road 778 resident reported a stolen four-wheeler and said it had been returned to his neighbor’s yard.

• A man on Drive 1531 reported someone was removing scrap metal from a property and there was a dispute over who owned the property.

• A County Road 109 resident reported getting mail with someone else’s name and her address.

• A County Road 821 resident reported a drunk driver ran over his mailbox.

• A County Road 1589 resident reported someone tried to set fire to a bush in his front yard.

• A County Road 203 resident reported his dog had been shot.

• A County Road 855 resident reported someone using their stolen checks.

• A Caitlyn Drive resident reported an argument with his father-in-law.

• A Euclatubba Road resident reported her neighbor plays loud music and hosts loud parties.


Tupelo Police Department

• An employee on Main Street reported two customers who tried to find the business’ money box and then took her purse.

• A Holly Hill Drive resident reported someone damaged her new home.

• A business owner on North Gloster Street reported two customers did not pay for their meals.

• A woman on Canal Street reported her boyfriend assaulted her.

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