Daily Lead 3.18.14: No slumping allowed

Thomas Wells | Buy at photos.djournal.com We need these at the Journal.
Thomas Wells | Buy at photos.djournal.com
We need these at the Journal.

Hey there, friends. You know what day it is? That’s right, March Madness™ begins tonight with the “first-round” games, although let’s be honest, they’re play-in games. The NCAA has a nasty habit of coming up with dumb designations like that (see: FBS and FCS).

So, as we ponder how many people will delude themselves into thinking they can win the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge, let’s take a look at the top headlines from today’s Journal.

Bouncy learning: Shannon first-graders’ seats provide energy outlet, better focus – Man, wish we’d had these when I was in school. One major drawback, though: You can’t slump.

Freeze ‘not happy’ with Nkemdiche video – Already in trouble and suspended for a game (not to mention all of spring practice), Ole Miss linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche is in more hot water after a video went up on YouTube showing him cursing out some beachgoers. It appears the video has been removed. I saw some random guy on Twitter say Nkemdiche was a “victim” of social media, to which I respond: lolwut.

Tupelo police headquarters cost rises again; mayor says no – The projected cost of a new Tupelo police station has risen by more than $2 million in less than a month’s time, and Mayor Jason Shelton has drawn a line in the sand. “Ten million dollars doesn’t mean $10 million and one cent,” he said, sounding like every angry parent ever.

Oxford panel balks on parking meter bids – Things have hit a snag in the town’s quest to charge folks for parking downtown. Not sure how I feel about parking meters on the Square; seems kinda crass for such a historic place.


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