Daily Wrap 3.20.14: Guy Fawkes, bracket busters … and Paul Kevin Curtis

Photo by JB Clark | Daily Journal THIS guy...
Photo by JB Clark | Daily Journal
THIS guy…

Wrapping up that day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Clicks

Elton John returns: Nearly 8,400 attend sold-out concert at Arena – The legendary singer brought out the fans last night – I hear tell Lloyd Gray was holding a lighter aloft and singing loudly. I’ve never been a big fan, although I’ve always liked “Candle in the Wind.”

School calendar hinges on new law – In Tupelo, students might have to start two weeks earlier than planned. We’re talking Aug. 4 here. I know I’ve ranted on this before, but at this point we might as well just go to year-round schooling. (I’m actually in favor of looking into this.)

Masked man: ‘Changed is coming’ – So this fella in a Guy Fawkes mask took to the streets of Tupelo this afternoon alerting folks of an Occupy-type deal coming up April 4. I thought that little fad had died, but perhaps not.



Chickasaw shooting – A man has been arrested after firing a shot at a guy who, according to police, is his co-worker. Dude got shot in the neck, which I’m sure stung a bit.

Criminal justice bill back to guv – Eventually, this thing will become official. Hope the governor’s pen doesn’t run out of ink or something.

Bracket busters – Still some basketball being played as I type this, but lots of folks have already seen their perfect brackets blemished by a pair of upsets: Dayton over Ohio State and Harvard over Cincinnati. I actually nailed both of those picks, but I was way off on American-Wisconsin and Colorado-Pitt. No billion for me. :***(


Best of the Blogs

‘I Didn’t Do It’ (Scene Now) – Yes, that’s the name of a new Disney show (hey, I have four kids), but it’s also the name of a forthcoming documentary about Paul Kevin Curtis. You know the story: Elvis impersonator gets framed by his rival – a karate instructor and (alleged) pervert – of sending ricin to the president and other notable people. I’m wary, but then again, it’s kinda hard to screw up such an already crazy story.

New Japanese restaurant (Biz Buzz) – Sake Japanese Express is now open on North Gloster. Judging by the name, it better have a fantastic selection at the bar.


Nation/World Highlights

He gone – Fred Phelps Sr., the guy who founded the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, died late last night at 84. Apparently there will be no funeral for Phelps, but he won’t know the difference.

More sanctions – Barack Obama has given Russia another big slap on the wrist over the latter’s actions regarding Ukraine. Does all this mean the Cold War is back on? Because I don’t really miss those days, when as a child I’d stare at the sky convinced a nuke was gonna blazing into view at any moment.


Talk It Out

Can you believe Journal chief photographer Thomas Wells has never seen “Tommy Boy?” About to remedy that, as he’s coming to my house tonight to watch it and drink some quality beer. Classic! What movie are you ashamed to admit you haven’t seen? For me, gotta be either “The Godfather” or “Jaws.”

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