Daily Lead 3.21.14: Be ‘safe’ this weekend, kids

Hello there.
Hello there.

Hola, citizens. It’s Friday, which means the work week is nearly finished, but of course we’ve all been watching basketball since yesterday. How’s your bracket look? Mine’s in good shape; I went 13-3 on Thursday and called three upsets. I’m sure it’ll all fall apart this weekend, though.

As we ponder how cool (and creepy) it would be to have a Guy Fawkes Mask Day at our places of work, let’s review the top stories from today’s Daily Journal and DJournal.com.

Tourney roundup – Here are recaps on all 16 games from the “second” round (I still think of it as the first round; sorry, NCAA). Florida had some trouble with Albany, which served as a good reminder of just how terrible the SEC is at basketball.

Lee County supervisors revisit jail expansion – The Lee County Adult Jail has had an overcrowding problem for years, and supervisor Tommie Lee Ivy of District 4 was Mr. Optimistic when he said, “I don’t care how large they build a jail, they still won’t have enough room.” It’s ’cause of kids these days, bunch of ne’er-do-wells and ruffians.

Tupelo Police officers emphasize safe driving – This initiative at Tupelo High School comes the week of prom. Indeed, let’s hope all students practice safe “driving” on Saturday and remember how to use the “brakes” lest they have an “accident” if you know what I mean.

Birthplace Sessions video series launches – This looks really cool. Musical artists are going to sit on Elvis’ front porch and talk and sing, and then they’ll go inside, consume a toxic drug cocktail and die on the toilet.


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