Daily Wrap 3.21.14: Keep the change, big beef, and Duke tears

Wrapping up that day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Clicks

Masked man: ‘Change is coming’ – Here’s what’s great about the Internet: This story about the one-man protest didn’t make it in today’s print edition, and yet it’s the most-viewed story on the site. Honestly, it doesn’t have a lot of news value, but a guy wearing a Guy Fawkes mask proclaiming a nebulous message tends to fascinate us. It’s a curiosity, kind of like how Michael Bay is still allowed to make movies.

Family-owned steakhouse to open in Tupelo – Alls I know is, there’s gonna be a two-inch ribeye on the menu, called the “glutton cut.” Don’t know if I could eat it, because I’m not in college any more. Reminds me, I once ate a 24-ounce burger – bun and fixings included – when in college. And kept it down.

Tupelo entrepreneur starts grocery delivery business – Grocery stores making deliveries is a thing of the past, but Robert Mann is wanting to fill a need he believes still exists. I actually remember when some grocery stores used to do this, which officially makes me old.

Pierce Street principal won’t return next year – Kenneth Goralczyk is stepping down from his post after two years.



• “Build a bridge out of ‘er!” – Some local students are headed to Louisville, Ky., for a national bridge building championship. And for whatever reason, that made me think of the Monty Python clip referenced two sentences back.

Down goes Duke – The Blue Devils lost to No. 14 seed Mercer. Duke reaction, via @celebrityhottub:


Best of the Blogs

Ole Miss practice notebook (Inside Ole Miss Sports) – Notes and video from today’s practice. Big ol’ Jeremy Liggins was working at quarterback without the no-contact jersey, and honestly, when he’s carrying the ball it oughta be cornerbacks and safeties wearing the green.

Food inspections (Biz Buzz) – Uh oh, had a couple of C’s in there. Stop just sliding by, Corinth Baskin Robbins, and apply yourself!


Nation/World Highlights

Deadly New Jersey fire – Four were killed in a blaze that destroyed a hotel. Very dramatic stuff there.

Old chemicals in ‘Bama – A whole lot of World War II-era chemical weapons remain buried in Alabama and elsewhere, and the trick is finally disposing properly of them. Yeah, these deadly agents have been just sitting in the ground for decades, which could really explain a lot of things about that state, especially its football fans.


Talk It Out

Are you going to the second annual Tupelo Craft Beer Festival on Saturday? It’s from noon to 5 p.m. at Fairpark. Hope to see you there. Question: What beer are you most looking forward to trying?

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