Social Buzz: Wheel of (Extreme) Fortune

“Wheel of Fortune” has been around seemingly forever – since I was little – and sometimes I forget it’s still there. But the game show is still kickin’ and got some pub this week when a contestant made a very unlikely puzzle solve.

Here’s what Emil De Leon had to work with for the final puzzle:

Wheel of Fortune

You figure the first word is “new” or “net,” right? Beyond that, I wouldn’t have a clue. Yet the first guess De Leon made was the correct one: “New baby buggy.” Host Pat Sajak was stunned.

Such an unbelievable feat has naturally raised questions about whether this was rigged. I highly doubt that, although I do wonder if a single person has uttered “new baby buggy” within the last 50 years.

The most important takeaway from all of this: Vanna White is still a total babe.

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