(Belated) Police Reports 3.24.14: LOUD NOISES

Since I was ill yesterday, I did not get police reports posted. But better late than never; and really, police reports are timeless art. Just a few to report here, but an important reminder that your neighbor might not appreciate LOUD NOISES so keep it down, punk.


Tupelo Police Department

• A Monument Drive resident reported her neighbor was making loud noises.

• A man on Valley Vista Drive reported damage to his camper.

• A driver on Green Tee Road was arrested on charges of driving with a suspended license.

• A Green Street resident reported someone ordered pay-per-view programs on her cable account while she was in the hospital.

• A man on Garden Lane reported his wallet was taken from his vehicle.

• A Quail Creek Cove resident reported a vacant house nearby was damaged.

• A woman on Gloster Street reported her niece’s boyfriend threatened her.

• A man on Gloster Street was arrested on DUI charges.

• A woman on Mall Drive reported cash was taken from her wallet.

• A driver on Highway 78 reported she hit a piece of metal and it flattened a tire.

• Two drivers on Gloster Street reported another driver backed into them, and the driver was arrested on DUI charges.

• A man on Gloster Street was arrested on charges of disturbance of a business, DUI and open container.

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