Daily Lead 3.26.14: Hope for everyone

Hello there, readers. I’m running a bit late today, which is not unusual. So as we ponder our own finiteness, let’s review the top headlines from today’s Daily Journal.

State budget gets $247.6M more – More details from the Capitol, where an economic expert is predicting the state’s economy will improve. Yes, and every football team will have a winning record next season. Hope springs eternal, etc.

Mayor: Reduce positions, give 1 percent raise – Mayor Jason Shelton has proposed the city not fill four currently vacant positions, and also would like to see city employees get a whopping 1 percent raise. Hey, beats no raise at all.

Airport seeks $500K for matching grant – Tupelo Regional Airport is trying another approach to getting some money from the city to help improve the facility, mainly the crumbling runway. Man, this whole situation is just PLANE CRAZY AMIRITE? (Don’t worry, I’ll punch myself in the face later for that one.)

Power source: Orvis starting to deliver upon early expectations – Ole Miss has found its power bat in junior Sikes Orvis. A nice profile by Parrish Alford. And here’s a question: Is Sikes Orvis the most Ole Miss name ever?


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