Daily Lead 3.27.14: Don’t text and drive unless you’re a pro like me

Yo. How’s it going? Super, glad to hear it. As we ponder just how terrible of a person Caillou is, let’s review the top stories from today’s Journal.

Fitch: Closing MPACT would have been more expensive – State Treasurer Lynn Fitch visited with the Daily Journal editorial board yesterday, and we’ve got video to prove it. With a cameo by editorial page editor Joe Rutherford.

Simulator shows danger of texting, driving – Don’t text and drive, kids. It’s like the “Just say no to drugs” mantra for this generation. Sad commentary, perhaps: My 17-year-old daughter is much more responsible when it comes to texting and driving than I am. Then again, I AM a professional.

Surviving Allison wins national music competition – Good for these guys. And I have to know where the band’s name came from, although I imagine it’s related to a relationship that maybe didn’t go so well.

Secure backup: Buchanan in the running to be first off the bench – Y’all love reading about quarterbacks, any time of the year. So here’s a piece on Ole Miss redshirt freshman Ryan Buchanan, who’s one of several guys vying to back up Bo Wallace, Ph.D.


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