Daily Wrap 3.27.14: More football, Mary Jane, Taco Hell

You know you want it.
You know you want it.

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Click

Tunsil talk – Man, y’all must be starved for some football. This story about Ole Miss offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil, which published two days ago, is the runaway most-clicked story today. I’m sure this says something about y’all’s character.

Big development

Barney Fife says it’s a good start – The state House passed a bill today legalizing marijuana oil, which can be used to help treat children who suffer from seizures. So yeah, it’s a far cry from what’s happened in Colorado and Washington, which is where a certain Journal reader would like to see Mississippi go.

Best of the Blogs

Big decision (Inside Ole Miss Sports) – What to do with 296-pound quarterback Jeremy Liggins, other than stare slack-jawed as he rumbles around in the pocket? Ole Miss has time to figure it out, and Liggins would do well to drop some pounds, although there’s something to be said for being the next Jared Lorenzen.

Nation/World Highlights

Keeping hope – Even in the midst of tragedy, humans have a knack for remaining optimistic. The Washington mudslide has claimed several lives, and dozens more are unaccounted for. But one rescue worker said, “We never give up hope that we’re going to be able to find somebody.”

Baggage claimed – This ought to make you feel good about flying. Six Los Angeles International Airport workers have been arrested – more likely will be – amid suspicion they stole valuables from passengers’ luggage. Yeah, I prefer taking my car anyway.

Talk It Out

Taco Bell rolled out its breakfast menu today. Question: Would you eat Taco Bell for breakfast? If so … WHY??

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