Daily Lead 3.28.14: Religion, politics, and Kevin Curtis

Hey there. It’s Friday, in case you didn’t know. As we ponder whether you’re getting your money’s worth with free McDonald’s coffee, let’s review the top stories from today’s Journal.

Let’s talk religion AND politics – Our state legislators will do what they do best, in regards to the controversial Religious Freedom Act: talk. And talk some more. And then do something about the bill, maybe. Or not. Who knows.

Budget deadline looms – Speaking of the Legislature, the deadline for a budget compromise is Saturday night. The compromise might happen today, maybe. Or not. Who knows.

Buy this building – Lane Furniture’s parent company has put its Verona facility up for auction. It’s got 424,000 square feet, but I hear it’s haunted by the furniture industry that used to thrive here. RIP.

Award-winner, I’m sure – The Kevin CurtisEverett Dutschke saga is getting the documentary treatment, with “I Didn’t Do It” expected to be released late this year or early next year. Hey, if you donate to the project, you could get an autographed picture of Curtis. Donate a large enough sum, and he’ll send you a severed head in a jar.


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