Police Reports 3.28.14: Wake up, your wallet’s gone

MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: This lady, Jennifer Williams, is charged with biting a corrections officer. She is not a zombie.
MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: This lady, Jennifer Williams, is charged with biting a corrections officer. She is not a zombie.

Good afternoon, good people. And bad people. Because hey, criminals probably read this blog. They might even be a part of today’s post.

And today’s post is worth your time. Many lessons are gleaned from this round of police reports, including how bad things can happen to you while you’re asleep (even outside a church). And how you really shouldn’t expect a $160 washer/dryer set to actually work. And how sometimes cousins can’t be trusted.

Here, I give you now the latest batch from Lee County and Tupelo.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A Plantersville man reported a possible prowler on his back porch.

• A Shannon man reported someone took a 16-foot trailer from his County Road 568 property.

• A Plantersville man reported someone used his identity to file taxes.

• A County Road 183 woman reported someone destroyed her mailbox and took her garbage can.

• A Kids Cove man reported someone took fishing supplies from his property, including two Body Duckett rods, a Hammer rod, two G-Lomis rods, three Shimano reels and three Daiwa reels.

• A Saltillo man reported a Glock handgun missing from his County Road 2250 home.


Tupelo Police Department

• A man was arrested for DUI after being pulled over on Jefferson Street for swerving into the oncoming lane of traffic multiple times. The arresting officer reported the man had trouble fumbling through his wallet to produce identification paperwork given to him in lieu of a license since he was recently charged with a DUI.

• A Barley Court woman reported getting into a verbal altercation with a man before the man pushed her down, took two cell phones and left.

• A Dollar General employee reported seeing a man take several candy bars from the store. The man was arrested for shoplifting.

• A Douglas Street woman reported buying a washer and dryer for $160 and when she took them home they didn’t work.

• A man reported his wallet was stolen while he was sleeping outside of All Saints Episcopal Church.

• A man reported one of his cousins stole $40 from him and then another cousin stabbed him between his ring and pinkie fingers.

• A Comcast employee reported someone damaged his work van while it was parked near Swallow Lane.

• A South Greet Street woman reported her boyfriend got angry and assaulted her. She is two months pregnant. The boyfriend left before police arrived.

• A juvenile was arrested at Barley Court for disorderly conduct after officers responded to a large fight.

• Two men were arrested for being drunk in public on Carnation Street after officers responded to reports of trespassing. The men said they were passing through and had been sleeping in an abandoned building.

• A man reported he was asleep in his truck at Love’s on McCullough Boulevard when another vehicle hit his truck, causing damage.

• A Parkwood Cove woman reported a man and woman were fighting over car keys when the man punched the woman in the face. The man fled when police were called.

• A man reported his brown suede coat and umbrella were stolen.

• A North Gloster Street woman reported someone broke the passenger-side window out of her vehicle but didn’t report anything missing.

• A man reported his daughter’s Galaxy S cell phone stolen from Skate Zone.

• A man reported his Waste Management garbage can stolen.

• A Parkway Terrace man reported he has begun carrying a knife because of group of men have been riding past him and threatening him.

• An East Bay Circle man reported someone let the air out of his tire and loosed the lug nuts on his wheel.

• An East Bristow man reported someone took two stems from two of his vehicles.

• A man reported three small fires have been set in the old Carnation Milk factory, one causing damage to the floor of a front office.


Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.

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