Daily Lead 3.31.14: Bottle rockets in Jackson … please

Which of these state legislators would benefit most from a bottle rocket of the ying-yang? (AP photo)
Which of these state legislators would benefit most from a bottle rocket up the ying-yang? (AP photo)

Let’s face it: Mondays are depressing, especially when your bracket is completely busted. Yeah, I went 0-fer on the Final Four entrants, so that’s $5 down the drain. (Not that we have an office pool or anything like that, no sir.)

As we ponder whether Rick Grimes now has a taste for human flesh, let’s review today’s top headlines from the Daily Journal and take a look back at the weekend that was.

D-Day for Legislature – The guys and gals down in Jackson will try to put the finishing touches on the state budget. One lawmaker is so pleased with how the budget looks that he said, “We ought to be shooting fireworks.” And he’s right, because bottle rockets in the Capitol can only lead to positive results for us taxpayers.

No CFO for Tupelo – Lynn Norris is stepping down as Tupelo Chief Financial Officer, and in fact he thinks his position is no longer necessary. I, for one, believe the city needs a CFO – Chief Funk Officer, that is. He or she could start an initiative to teach white folks how to clap on 2 and 4 instead of on 1 and 3. Being a longtime percussionist, I nominate myself.

School rankings tweak – Some education leaders would like to see graduation rate count for more in the state’s school rankings formula. I suppose that’s a good idea, but I know many a high school graduate who spell no better than Terry Bradshaw.

Opening day, again – It’s like the fourth “opening day” for baseball, but the Cardinals are in action, so this is the one that matters – to me, anyway. I finally got MLB.TV this year, so you can expect my productivity for the Journal to plummet.


Weekend Wrap

Here are some stories from the weekend you might’ve missed.

Running in heels – Sounds like a bad idea, but the pictures are good for some laughs. Plus, it was for charity, which is a great way to excuse pretty much anything.

Revisiting cutoff dates – If your child was born between Aug. 1 and Sept. 1, this story impacts you. Otherwise, feel free to ignore it.

NAACP ABCs – That’s a lot of capital letters. Anyway, this little seminar was intended to help young folks understand how to interact with law enforcement. The biggest problem one officer said he faces: attitude. Yeah, not a good idea to back-sass someone who has a gun and other assorted weapons.

Another Elvis thing – A film titled “My Summer with Elvis” is in the works. Movie I wanna see: “My Week-Long Vegas Bender with Elvis.”


Photo of the Week

From the aforementioned Run in Her Shoes 5K … I have no words. (Photo by Lauren Wood.)

03291421 Run in her Shoes 5K


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