Daily Lead 4.1.14: Suffering no fools

It’s Tuesday, and a new month is here. So as we ponder the naïveté of adults who still get fooled on April 1, let’s review the top headlines from today’s Journal. (All stories are real, I promise. Because fake stories are now the domain of The Onion and Sports Pickle.)

Budget denied – The Department of Transportation’s nearly $1 billion budget was overwhelmingly rejected by the House last night. They’ll eventually work something out and get that department funded, but you’ve got to have some whining and political posturing first.

Pony up – A convenience store owner in Tishomingo County has been ordered to pay an $18,000 power bill. The electric company had underbilled Pattie Ferguson‘s business, then all at once she got this huge bill, because power companies operate on teenage logic, I guess: If I screw up, it’s your fault.

Pay raises likely – The Tupelo City Council has reached a compromise on a 1-percent pay raise for city employees. All employees will also receive an affectionate pat on the head.

Nkemdiche looking forward – Hey, it’s a Robert Nkemdiche story. Automatic clicks, right? But it’s good stuff. Also, Nkemdiche frightens me, and I don’t even play football. Afraid he might hurt me through the TV somehow.

Not a singles town – Sheena Barnett‘s column today outlines the dearth of late-night options in Tupelo. Amen, sister. The wife and I tried to go out for a drink Saturday night around 11, but all the restaurant bars were packed because a rodeo was in town, and everywhere else was closed. I like Tupelo, but it must suck to be a single person in this town.


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