Daily Lead 4.2.14: Bad jokes and memes

I’m honestly not sure I’m ready for warm weather. Had to kill three mayflies in my house last night, the grass and weeds (especially weeds) are growing in my yard, and my car has a heavy dusting of pollen. Boooo, spring.

So as we ponder the relationship between getting older and hating change – even seasonal change – let’s review today’s top headlines from the Daily Journal.

Airport getting help – The Tupelo Regional Airport finally convinced the city council to help fund a new taxi-way. But TRA only gets the money if a grant comes through, a grant the city will match. I guess you could say that funding is still UP IN THE AIR OH HAHAHAHA


Pay bump for Tupelo – It’s now official: City employees are getting a 1 percent pay raise. Don’t spend it all in one place, guys. Hey, does this make them 1 PERCENTERS HAHA GET IT

1 percent cat

MAEP fund push – A newly formed group wants the Mississippi Adequate Education fund to be, you know, ADEQUATELY FUNDED. Perhaps then we can improve our kids’ classroom experience.

Astronomy class

McDaniel a no-showChris McDaniel was supposed to be in Tupelo last night, but he got tied up with trivial stuff like legislative deadlines and whatnot. Psh. I think we all know where McDaniel was.

Tea party

(All above images straight-up stolen from the Interwebs.)


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