Daily Lead 4.7.14: Finding rainbows in the rain

Puking rainbow‘Tis a gray and rainy Monday, the kind of day that makes you want to leave work, plop on the couch and watch “Fargo” on repeat. It’s the kind of day that can bend your mind toward the gloomy and macabre, your body remaining inert save for a twitching, humorless grin.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anywho, let’s see if we can’t blow some sunshine into your cubicle with a review of today’s top headlines from the Daily Journal, plus a look back at the weekend that was.


Crosstown still closed – It was originally scheduled to re-open around noon today, but the weather is disrupting those plans. Might not open ’til tomorrow. I’ll be monitoring the scanner for reports of increased road rage.

Shelton vs. Abramson – Death cage match! OK, maybe not, but Mayor Jason Shelton isn’t too fired up about the city providing a matching $500,000 grant to Tupelo Regional Airport. Josh Abramson, the Airport Executive Director, has been angling for some money to help build a new taxiway. Otherwise, UAM might stop filling up that (very visible) junkyard off Jackson Avenue.

Budget talkBobby Harrison dives into the state budget that was passed during the recent legislative session. Looks like our schools will remain underfunded. Obviously our lawmakers aren’t aware of that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow of optimism.

‘Cats and ‘Dogs – It’s the Kentucky Wildcats versus the Connecticut Huskies tonight for the NCAA men’s basketball championship. I know it’s an 8 seed against a 7 seed, but these teams don’t feel like Cinderellas. Probably because of their tradition. And probably because Cinderella was poor and had no friends aside from a few dirty mice and birds, and in real life wouldn’t have been nearly as well-adjusted as Disney would have us believe.


Weekend Wrap

Here are some stories from the weekend you might’ve missed.

Walk-off winner – Yeah, so this happened Friday night in Oxford.

Built for Beth – Renovations are complete on Beth Stauffer‘s home, and she gave folks a tour of it Saturday. Nice people doing nice things is nice.

Legislative wrap – Here’s the other legislative analysis piece from Bobby H. That man’s been doing some work the last few months.

Shiny, happy people – Hey, here’s your blast of color on this dreary day. If nothing else, take a gander at our photos from the Color Vibe 5K run. People look like giant crayons, and I’ve actually seen a giant crayon in person. Yeah, in Easton, Pa., at the Crayola factory. It’s also where they make rainbows (cc: state legislature).


Photo of the Week

Here’s one of those Color Vibe photos … of two girls taking a photo. Of themselves. BTW, I read something interesting about the selfie phenomenon. (Photo by Lauren Wood.)

04051428 Color Vibe


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