Daily Wrap 4.7.14: Kerfuffles, shenanigans and weirdies

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Clicks

Airport funding in doubt – Mayor Jason Shelton has explicitly stated his reluctance to spend city money on Tupelo Regional Airport. I believe reporter Robbie Ward should be commended for using the word “kerfuffle” in this story, which I am certain is a direct product of his cubicle being right next to that of sports editor John L. Pitts.


Big Development

Crosstown (still) shut down – Rain has put a kink in the city’s plans to reopen the busy intersection after railway repairs were made over the weekend. Turns out you can’t put down asphalt when it’s wet.


Best of the Blogs

MHSAA shenanigans, cont’d – You might have seen Brandon Speck‘s story on Saturday about basketball officials claiming the MHSAA encouraged them to make sure star players didn’t foul out. He has gotten more officials on the record making similar claims, and there will be a full story on the main site tomorrow morning. I’ve never had much faith in the MHSAA’s ability to have the kids’ best interests at heart, and so this development doesn’t surprise me in the least.


Nation/World Highlights

Jobless aid moves forward – The U.S. Senate is in favor of extending the federal insurance unemployment program, but the Republican-controlled House isn’t quite sold on the idea. Washington at its finest.

RIP, Mickey Rooney – The 93-year-old actor died Sunday. He accomplished a lot in his day, but my last memory of him is as the lovably spunky museum guard in “Night at the Museum.” I still use this one sometimes: “He looks like a weirdie.”


Talk It Out

What’s your favorite non-traditional color? Mine’s burnt umber.

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