Social Buzz: RA Derek is my new hero

There’s a pretty big game on tap tonight. You know, the NCAA men’s basketball championship between Kentucky and UConn (8:10 p.m., CBS). But not everyone is pumped about it.

In fact, an RA (resident advisor) at UConn seems to have zero team spirit and has discouraged students from having team spirit anywhere near him tonight. Here’s the email he  supposedly wrote to the kids in his dorm.

RA letter

Yes, Derek is a killjoy, although he’s hardly the first RA to toss cold water on a good time. (I still can’t believe some friends and I got in trouble for throwing water balloons at people from our dorm’s roof. Gosh.) For some reason, however, I love this letter. And I love Derek.

I don’t know if it’s his boldness – because he’s just begging to suffer property damage and/or personal injury at the hands of drunk UConn frat brats – or his complete lack of damns given, but Derek has my vote for RA of the Year. I think what clinched it for me was his Jerry Seinfeld reference about rooting for laundry.

I mean, how many UConn fans know the players and coaches personally? They only care about Shabazz Napier because he wears UConn blue; if he wore Kentucky blue, they’d hate him.

But hey, fans are fans, and good for the UConn students who want to have a good time tonight. If it’s not too much to ask, though, take the party far away from Derek’s dorm.

Let’s check Twitter for some reaction to RA Derek’s hard stance.

Not everyone believes the Derek email is genuine. I’ve had my doubts, too, and I’m unsure of its source. I assume it was leaked by a recipient, and I first saw it on Twitter via basketball writer Rob Dauster. However, the tweet seems to have disappeared from his timeline, and the photo of the email could not be found among his recently tweeted images.

On that skeptical note, I leave you with this:

I thought the UCONN RA note was an instant classic, then I see a VERY similar UK one floating around. Now I’m just disappointed

— Josh Dinkins (@joshdinkins) April 7, 2014

UPDATE: Wait, might be real after all. (Scroll down past the initial post.)

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