Daily Wrap 4.8.14: So many food woes

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Click

Special treatment – The hot story in sports this week – a story we broke and that I haven’t seen anyone else report – is the MHSAA allegedly urging basketball officials to not call so many fouls on star players during the state tournament. Four officials have already spoken with the Journal, and this story is gaining momentum.


Big Development

Chicken trouble – The original Abner’s location in Oxford has filed for bankruptcy. Much to the relief of Parrish Alford, it will remain open.


Best of the Blogs

More restaurant news – Remember Barnhill’s, that disgusting buffet that closed last summer after failing a health inspection? Well, another restaurant will be opening there at some point, hopefully just so they can nuke the place.


Nation/World Highlights

RIP bacon (Biz Buzz) – A mysterious virus has killed millions of baby pigs, which means bacon prices are going up. The suspected cause is porcine epidemic diarrhea. So yeah, they got the trots.


Talk It Out

The Tupelo City Council voted to pay $2.15 million for the Azalea Gardens apartments. Good idea? Bad idea? Let us know.

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