Social Buzz: The Three Stooges (of Canada)

Rob Ford, politician. (AP photo)
Rob Ford, politician. (AP photo)

Y’all remember Rob Ford, right? Mayor of Toronto? As in, still the mayor of Toronto despite being a grown man openly wearing sports jerseys in public? Oh, and he’s also an admitted crackhead.

Anyway, he’s back in the news. Ford, who fully believes he can win reelection, has solicited the help of former track star Ben Johnson, who was stripped of his gold medal in the 1998 games after testing positive for steroids.

Oh, and also helping Ford is actor Sam Tarasco, who you might know from the Canadian comedy series “Trailer Park Boys.” (I’ve seen one episode and wasn’t impressed enough to continue.) Of course, this grouping has all the makings of a fantastic buddy movie, and in fact I think I’ll start working on a script tonight.

This sort of story is also ripe for some sharp Twittercisms (remember when I made up that word the other day?). Here’s a sampling.

I’m gonna see if that last tweeter wants to collaborate with me. It’ll be TV GOLD.

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