Daily Lead 4.9.14: Don’t say the word ‘foodie’ around me

It’s a beautiful Hump Day out there. Let’s all knock off early and go camel racing. No? OK, well, whatever.

Back to work then. As we ponder whether blue ink pens are superior to black ink pens (I say yes), let’s review the top stories from today’s Journal.

I’d like to buy Baltic Avenue – The Tupelo City Council has voted to pay more than $2 million for some rundown apartments on a rundown street.


Bad dogs – The city of Verona is taking a tough stance on stray and/or vicious dogs. I think Tupelo should crack down as well, and not just on stray/vicious dogs, but also on dogs that your neighbor lets out to poop in your yard ’cause I love animals but I really wanna kick that fluffy white critter sometimes.

Best parent – Lee County Schools named its 2014 Parent of the Year. You know, I was just mentioning to someone yesterday that I should win some sort of parenting award, because my kids can extensively quote “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”


Pardon their progress – So parts of Highway 6 will be reduced to one lane the next few weeks as construction crews go to work. Cool that they alerted everyone after work began.

Yes, more pictures of your food please – The city of Tupelo is encouraging people to share photos of their favorite local food, as if people need to be encouraged to do such a thing. Perhaps more annoying than food pics is the word “foodie,” so what I’m saying is I’m gonna sit this one out.


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