Daily Wrap 4.10.14: Early start, more Dutschke, uni watch

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Clicks

Tupelo Marine killed – We first learned last night that the U.S. Marine killed in an apparent accidental shooting had strong Tupelo ties. All the comments I’ve seen about Mark Boterf describe him as a friendly, selfless guy eager to do his duty.

Early school start – Lee County Schools will begin the 2014-15 school year on Aug. 7. Y’all know how I feel about starting so early. When I was a kid, we began after Labor Day and still got our mid-terms done before Christmas. Can’t be that hard to make it work.


Big Development

Dutschke update – James Everett Dutschke will be sentenced May 14 on charges of trying to send ricin to important people. I can’t wait until he’s out of the news so I can stop having to spell his last name.


Best of the Blogs

Sonic moving (Biz Buzz) – The Sonic Drive-In on South Gloster is moving a bit north, up by McAlister’s, and we’ve got an update. Something I’ve learned: Y’all love restaurant news. A lot.


Nation/World Highlights

She goneKathleen Sebelius is resigning after the cluster that was the health care law rollout. I was glad to get a chance to use the picture you see with this story, because it always makes me chuckle.

Suspect an enigma – Folks are still scratching their heads over what drove a 16-year-old boy to stab several people at his high school earlier this week. According to his lawyer, Alex Hribal seems to be as mystified as the rest of us.


Talk It Out

MSU unveiled new specialty football and baseball uniforms today. Do you like them?

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