Daily Lead 4.11.14: Going deep into the water

Happy Friday, you hard-workin’ humans. I’m running a bit behind, so as we ponder how it’s kinda weird to have hair on our knuckles (seriously, isn’t it?), let’s jump right into the top stories from today’s Journal.

There’s something in the waterRobbie Ward has a well-done investigative piece today on the travails of the North Lee County Water Association. An audit shows that in essence, the folks running the association can’t get their crap together, and we’ve got plenty of documentation appended to the story for your examination. If this isn’t the most-read story on our site today, I’ll weep for humanity.

Cooper to Tupelo? – We already have a Cooper Tire factory in Tupelo, and now there’s the possibility of the company moving its headquarters here. That could be a ways off, but it’s intriguing to think about. MOAR JOBZ.

Rivalry time – Ole Miss visits Mississippi State this weekend for a three-game baseball series, starting with today’s 6:30 p.m. tilt. It’s Super Bulldog Weekend in Starkville, with the annual Maroon White spring game set for Saturday. Is there anything more overrated than spring football? (The answer is no.)

Triple threat – Tupelo’s Michael Ray gets it done on the diamond, on the gridiron and in the pool. And that picture with the story is his senior portrait. I used to look that good with my shirt off. … Yeah, sure I did.


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