Police Reports 4.11.14: It’s a dog-eat-dog world, no really

Maybe it’s the warmer weather, I don’t know, but local canines seem to be especially active of late. Today’s police reports are chock full of dog news: dogs attacking dogs, people stealing dogs, etc.

Irresponsible dog owners are the worst. So are dog thieves.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A State Park Road man reported someone opened the door to his shop and stole a 1997 Tahoe.

• A Plantersville man reported his daughter let some friends move into the shop behind his house. They bought a pit bull and left it when they moved.

• A Guntown woman reported a pit bull walked up to her house a month ago. She asked around and no one claimed the dog so she treated it and kept it. Two men tried to get the dog from her yesterday, and she said no, so they came back and took it during the night.

• A State Park Road woman reported her rottweiler went missing last month. Three days ago her schnauzer went missing.

• A Guntown man reported a neighbor’s pit bull came on his property and attacked his dog.

• A Saltillo woman reported she bought a house but let the tenant stay two weeks. The house came with all appliances, but when she moved in the refrigerator was missing.

• A County Road 1439 woman reported a man came into her home and was combative toward and cursing at her children.

• A West Jackson man reported someone busted the driver’s side window of his vehicle.


Tupelo Police Department

• A Kenny Vaughn Road man reported someone took the blue tarp off of his riding lawnmower. He said people go through his yard when he isn’t at home and would like an extra patrol in the neighborhood. He reported no damage.

• A woman was arrested for an outstanding warrant after officers responded to her car which she said she lost control of and drove off the road on Chesterville Road.

• Two people were arrested for attempting to shoplift a $69.95 pair of jeans from Buckle.

• A man was arrested for shoplifting at the West Main Street Walmart. He also had an outstanding warrant.

• A South Canal Street woman reported getting into a verbal argument with a neighbor over a child’s stroller. The woman said her neighbor slapped her.

• A man was arrested for an active warrant after police responded to a report of him and another person fighting in The Mall at Barnes Crossing food court.

• An officer observed a driver on West Main Street fail to dim its lights. The vehicle did not stop when officers pursued with lights and sirens. A spike strip was set out on North Gloster Street, and upon seeing it the driver stopped. Officers arrested the driver for failing to dim headlights, driving without a license or insurance and failure to yield to blue lights.


Mug Shots of the Day

Got a couple here for you. On this first one, can anyone tell me what the chick is wearing? Looks like a thick smock over a poncho. Either way, Sarah Grace James looks thrilled to be charged with DUI and possession of paraphernalia, among other things.


As for this second head shot, HOW CAN YOU ARREST A MAN WITH SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MUSTACHE? I don’t care if he was charged with DUI, possession of alcohol under age 21 and open container, I think Patrick Eugene Smith‘s mug shot is gonna be my new Facebook profile pic.



Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.

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