Daily Wrap 4.15.14: Just avoid Memphis altogether


Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Click

New principals – The Tupelo Public School District announced a pair of new principals for next school year, Amy Barnett (Rankin Elementary) and Art Dobbs (Pierce Street Elementary). Dobbs was Chad Bumphis‘ eighth-grade football coach – you might recall this story – and as you likely know, Bumphis went on to have stellar high school and college careers. So hey, if Dobbs is half as good a principal as he was a coach…


Big Development

No charges for deputy – The Pontotoc County deputy who shot a man during an altercation in Memphis is not having charges brought against him. It appeared to be an act of self-defense, and the attacker appeared to get what was coming to him. If the deputy made a mistake, it was being in Memphis in the first place.


Best of the Blogs

School board notes (Education Matters) – Chris Kieffer has the complete rundown of today’s Tupelo School Board meeting. Lots of important business conducted, including SMURF TURF.


Nation/World Highlights

Shooter charged – The jackwagon who gunned down three innocent people in Kansas has been charged with murder. The feds are just itching to get their hands on this guy. Hope they have a secret room that doesn’t officially exist so they can give him a “special” interrogation.

Boston scare – Speaking of jackwagons, a person is in custody after two unattended backpacks were found at the finish line of the upcoming Boston Marathon. Today, of course, is the one-year anniversary of last year’s bombing. Again: Secret room, “special” interrogation. Thank you.


Talk It Out

Do you think whistleblower Sonny Noble should get his job back at the North Lee County Water Association?

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