Social Buzz: Cuonzo Martin no longer a Vol For Life

Tennessee fans weren't happy with Cuonzo Martin, so he fired them. (AP photo)
Tennessee fans weren’t happy with Cuonzo Martin, so he fired them. (AP photo)


Congrats, Tennessee fans. You just ran off a coach that took your team to the Sweet 16, because I guess you’re misdirecting your anger over the football team’s run of mediocrity the past few years. Cuonzo Martin was announced as the new Cal head coach today, leaving Tennessee beat writers yet another coaching search to cover (bless it).

Once upon a time, kids, UT was a football school. It still is at its heart, just without all the wins and prestigious bowl games. So fans have looked to the hoops program for their happiness, and the school actually has a good basketball tradition. But when 36,000 fans signed a petition to have Bruce Pearl rehired – that’s the man who preceded Martin, the man who broke NCAA rules, the man who’s now head coach at Auburn – it told you that Martin could do little to make Vol Nation happy.


So after just three seasons, he’s gone west. Good move. Let’s see what the Twitterverse has to say about this.

So as you can see, some mixed reactions there. You’ve got your share of butthurt fans, including those making the ridiculous Lane Kiffin comparison. But this should be noted: Tennessee’s players aren’t upset. Being on the inside – unlike the fans – they get why Martin left. SB Nation has a good roundup of their reactions.

Godspeed, Cuonzo. As for Tennessee fans, it’s your loss, but I doubt you’ll figure that out.

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