Daily Lead 4.17.14: Latest on the Nettleton shootout

Good morning there, people. It’s a fine day, and a day to be thankful you’re still breathing. On that note – and as we ponder Tim Lincecum‘s weak mustache game – let’s review the top stories from today’s Journal.

Three dead in Nettleton shootout – Three men were killed, including one by a police officer responding to the scene, in downtown Nettleton yesterday. Pretty much the last place you expect something like that to happen. We have an update this morning on the identities of the shooting victims, plus the identity of the shooter.

Apaches flying away (maybe) – Looks like the National Guard will lose all of its Apache helicopters to the Army, and that would affect Tupelo’s Army Aviation Support Facility. Gonna be plenty of pushback on that, and U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., has expressed his concerns about such a move. Also, local conspiracy theorists will be downcast with no black helicopters to rave about.

Bryant vs. unionsGov. Phil Bryant signed three bills designed to curb union activity in the state. Personally, I have no problem with the concept of unions, it’s just that the execution usually leaves something to be desired. Also, I don’t like the idea of joining a group because I’m anti-social and don’t like being told I have to follow the crowd. But that’s just me.

Wave wins title – Tupelo’s baseball team bounced back from a Tuesday loss to Hernando and beat that same team Wednesday to capture the Division 2-6A title. The Golden Wave earned a first-round bye for the playoffs. Wait, how is it already playoff time?


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