Police Reports 4.17.14: How to disassemble a mailbox

MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: It's our old friend Cathy Newman, who is being charged with public drunk. Again.
MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: It’s our old friend Cathy Newman, who is being charged with public drunk. Again.

Hey hey hey. We don’t have a lot in today’s police reports, but there are some good nuggets in here.

Like the guy who had his tools stolen. Hey, sometimes you just gotta fix stuff. I’m sure the perpetrator will bring them back when he/she is finished with their project.

I’d be more concerned with the person who knocked the flag and door off someone’s mailbox. You hear all the time about mailboxes being knocked over, but in this case the mailbox itself is apparently fine. Someone took the time to remove the flag and door from the mailbox. I don’t know how easy that is to do, but it’s got to require more patience than just driving by and whacking the whole thing with a fungo bat.

Perhaps this person will return later and dismantle the rest of the mailbox, piece by piece. Sorta creepy when you think about it.

I dunno. Anyway, here are today’s reports from Lee County and Tupelo.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A Road 461 woman reported her ex-boyfriend will not stay away from her residence.

• A County Road 885 man reported someone took his toolbox, a drill, wrenches and many other tools.

• A Saltillo woman reported she was at her County Road 521 home when another woman began a verbal altercation with her and shoved her to the ground.

• A Baldwyn woman reported a man and woman were trespassing on her property.

• A County Road 51 woman reported a man has been calling her and she has asked him not to. She said he came to her house and kicked her door in.


Tupelo Police Department

• A Presley Circle man reported someone shattered the back glass of his son’s truck.

• A Moore Avenue woman reported someone knocked the flag and door off her mailbox.

• Four arrests were made on people with outstanding warrants.

• A man was arrested for driving with a suspended license after being pulled over for speeding on West Main Street.

• A woman reported she left her wallet in a shopping cart at the North Gloster Street Walmart. When she returned to get her wallet it was gone.


Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.

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