Daily Wrap 4.22.14: Football in April because football

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Click

Rebels losing big piece – Offensive tackle Austin Golson is looking to transfer from Ole Miss for family reasons. A story about an O-lineman in April is the site’s biggest draw, because Mississippi. Foobaw!


Big Development

Police work – Tupelo has capped the cost of its new police headquarters at $10 million. There was some concern about the cost as related to long-term projected growth, but if all you can get for $10M is 10 years then I REALLY don’t understand math.


Best of the Blogs

Hello, Acco – There are 162 jobs coming to Booneville. This company makes office supplies. INCLUDING RED STAPLERS??


Nation/World Highlight

Runaway – Teen gets in an argument with his parents and does what any angst-ridden teen would do. He climbs into the wheel well of an airliner and flies to Hawaii. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.


Talk It Out

• Who’s your favorite Muppet? Mine’s the duo of Waldorf and Statler.

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