Police Reports 4.22.14: It ain’t easy getting Z’s

MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: Smile, Telisha Shumpert! You're in jail! On a contempt of court charge.
MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: Smile, Telisha Shumpert! You’re in jail! On a contempt of court charge.

Hey, people need sleep. Is that too much to ask?

We’re catching up on police reports, with a big haul from Tupelo that we couldn’t get to yesterday. Got plenty from Lee County, too, like the lady whose drunk boyfriend wouldn’t let her sleep. Poor lady.

Gotta pick your spots where to doze, though. The Dodge’s parking lot isn’t a good place, especially if you have outstanding warrants.

Some people also need to fish, but you’re not supposed to steal lures. And one more thing: You really should know how to use your headlights properly, which reminds me of a very old dimmer switch joke to which I won’t subject you.

OK, like I said, got a lot to go through here. Buckle up (it’s the law) and enjoy.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A County Road 301 woman reported someone broke into her home and took a laptop, iPad, pack of Newport cigarettes, Phillips television and two gold rings.

• A State Park Road woman reported another woman borrowed her smart phone and Pontiac Grand Am and has returned neither. The woman said she got robbed and the borrowed items were gone.

• A Bonnie Farm Circle man reported someone shot his dog and shot out a window on his motor home.

• A County Road 373 woman reported a man came to her residence and she no longer wants him there because he is on drugs and things around her home have gone missing.

• A Mantachie woman reported her Highway 370 neighbors have a dog that is being neglected.

• A County Road 520 woman reported a horse on County Road 807 is not being taken care of.

• A Birmingham Ridge Road woman reported a man and woman were staying with her. They asked multiple time to borrow her car, and she said no. When she woke up Friday the car was gone along with the suspects.

• A County Road 600 man reported his sister was arguing with her boyfriend. He asked the boyfriend not to be so loud in the yard, and the boyfriend threatened to beat him in the yard.

• An Okolona man reported he left his truck at his sister’s house for them to try and sell. She said the truck was gone one day when they came home.

• A Nettleton man reported his car broke down so he parked it on the side of the road. He got a ride home, and when he returned his car had caught fire.

• A County Road 1389 man reported a man came into his yard and looked into his window. The man had a long rifle on his back. The two have had a few verbal altercations in the past.

• A Mooreville woman called the sheriff’s office because her boyfriend was drunk and wouldn’t let her go to sleep. Deputies spoke with the man and he went to bed.

• A Mooreville woman reported someone walked past her window.

• A Verona woman reported three men were in her yard. When she opened the door they tried to get in, but her boyfriend pushed them out and they ran toward Hayes Street.


Tupelo Police Department

• Hilton employees reported an unwanted guest at the hotel. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct and repeatedly disobeying police.

• A man was arrested for an outstanding warrant and false identification after being pulled over for not wearing a seat belt on West Main Street.

• A woman was arrested for shoplifting at the East Main Street Dollar General. She attempted to take eyeliner, toenail clippers and sunglasses valued at a total of $9.50. She also had an active warrant for her arrest on previous charges.

• A man was arrested on active warrants on North Madison Street after officers approached him around 11 p.m. for being suspicious in an area that had a high number of recent break-ins.

• A man was arrested for DUI after officers observed him throwing beer bottles from his car at signs in Ballard Park.

• A man was arrested for two outstanding warrants in the parking lot of Dodge’s Chicken on West Main Street after Dodge’s employees reported a man sleeping in the driver’s seat of his Camaro in the parking lot. The man said he fell asleep after getting a bite to eat.

• A Daugherty Avenue woman reported someone took her wallet from her vehicle.

• A man was arrested for attempting to shoplift fishing lures from Scruggs.

• A woman was arrested for attempting to shoplift at JC Penney’s.

• A Smith Street man reported his neighbor stole his pet cage.

• A man reported someone took the bumper from his Chevy truck while it was parked in the Gloster Creek Village parking lot.

• A woman was arrested for an outstanding warrant after being pulled over for not dimming her headlights on South Green Street.

• A woman was arrested for an outstanding warrant after being pulled over on North Gloster Street for not using her headlights.

• A woman was arrested for an active warrant after officers responded to an altercation at Barley Court.

• A Brown Street woman reported someone threw white paint onto her two cars.

• A woman reported she parked her car at her parents’ house on Shady Wood Drive, where someone hit her car on the passenger side and drove away.

• A Matthews Shoe Repair employee reported a man she borrowed money from has been calling her work threatening to harm her.

• A T-Mart employee reported an employee has been stealing cigarettes from the McCullough Boulevard store.

• A North Green Street woman reported a man who once lived with her broke in and assaulted her and took her iPhone 4.

• A Barley Court woman reported someone has threatened to harm her daughter with a knife.

• A Holly Hills woman reported her neighbors’ dogs will not stop barking. She has called multiple times about the same problem. The neighbor was cited for their dogs’ excessive barking.

• An officer responded to a call of an intoxicated driver at Highway 78 and the Natchez Trace. Drivers reported the woman in the Jaguar had been speeding, crossing the yellow line and forcing other motorists off the road. She had parked her vehicle on the side of the road near Highway 78. When asked about forcing others off the road the woman told officers she probably had been. She was arrested for DUI and open container violation.

• A man reported he left his wallet at the West Main Street Walmart and when he went back it was gone.

• A man reported he was trying to make a left turn from Big Oaks Boulevard to Shumard Oak Drive when his truck went off the right side of the road and sank into the ground, pushing over the light pole.


Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.

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