Daily Lead 4.23.14: Get on the bus

Hey, folks. Another day, another dollar, minus the government’s share.

Let us now ponder the murderous thoughts I harbor toward the creators of Buzzfeed/Facebook quizzes, and let us also review the top headlines from today’s Journal.

Public transit talks – Tupelo is considering making public transit a thing, and there was a meeting Tuesday with a bunch of people, and basically it comes down to city officials finally making a decision. I think public transit is a great idea; not that I’d ever use it, because I’m a control freak when it comes to transporting myself.

Learning to work – A nonprofit group aims to help local students become better prepared to enter the workforce. Several very smart-looking guys talked about it, so I guess that means it’s a good thing.

Chow down – When I saw the story slugline, as we call it, I paused: Animal shelter cookbook. Just reads weird. Anyway, this cookbook will benefit the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society, so you can help domesticated animals by cooking and eating non-domesticated ones (well, and veggies, desserts, etc.).

Bulldogs romp – The annual Governor’s Cup in Pearl went to MSU last night, so the teams have split the season series. Therefore, neither school is superior to the other.

Join the 21st century – It’s 2014, and some high school coaches still don’t believe in technology. As Brandon Speck writes, there’s no reason stats for high school athletes shouldn’t be made readily available online, specifically at MaxPreps.com. Get with it, people.


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