Daily Lead 4.24.14: Time to make the donuts

Mmmm, donuts.
Mmmm, donuts.

Happy Donut Day! OK, so it’s not really Donut Day; not even sure that’s a real thing. But one of our intrepid reporters brought Shipley’s to the office this morning and left the box on my desk. Ya know, I was trying to limit my sugar intake this week OH WELL.

Let’s move on. And let us ponder the fact that I own not a single suit whilst we review the top stories from today’s Journal.

Cloudy future for apartments – Tupelo has bought this apartment complex, and now reality is slapping the city council in the face. Maybe this wasn’t such a grand idea?

THS turns 100 – Tupelo High will hold a centennial celebration on Saturday, and refreshments will be provided by McDonald’s. I guess ’cause Tupelo school board president Rob Hudson owns some Mickey D’s restaurants around here, but also maybe ’cause Mississippians hate real food.

Rebel retiring – Jim Pate, dean of the University of Mississippi’s Tupelo campus, is retiring after nine years of leading the school. One colleague described Pate as a “gentleman and a scholar,” which is something my dad always says when someone does him a favor, and now I use it which must mean I’m getting old.

Bottom of the ninth – Longtime Saltillo baseball coach Johnny Bolen is retiring at the end of this season. He’s coached for nearly 40 years – or, longer than I’ve been alive. Maybe I’m not so old after all.


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