Daily Wrap 4.24.14: Bad dogs and more bad dogs

Wrapping up the day that was from DJournal.com and elsewhere.


Hot Click

Child found, parents cuffed – The parents of a dead 7-month-old were arrested in Georgia after fleeing Lowndes County. Found safely with them was their 2-year-old daughter. The couple are being held on drug charges as authorities try to sort out just what happened.


Big Development

Bad Dogs – Mississippi State defensive lineman Jordan Washington was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of burglary and robbery, and former Bulldog offensive lineman Charles Siddoway was also taken in. Well, it’s at least good to see offensive and defensive players doing things together.


Best of the Blogs

Crootin’ (Inside Ole Miss Sports) – Never too early to talk football recruiting. At least for some people. Me, I’d just as soon never speak of it again.


Nation/World Highlight

Woman bites dog – No, seriously. CNN.com has a story about a mother whose 2-year-old daughter was attacked by a pit bull, so the mom shoved her hand in the dog’s mouth and bit its ear. And you thought it was dangerous to get between a mother bear and her cub.


Talk It Out

Is this whole Azalea Gardens deal doomed to fail?

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