Police Reports 4.24.14: Jackie Chan in the house

Got your usual assortment of missing items, verbal disputes and physical altercations in today’s police reports. Points for resourcefulness go to the guy who used a stool as a weapon. That’s some Jackie Chan ish right there.

We’ve also got an Overheard on the Scanner and Mugshot of the Day, and I wouldn’t blame you if you skipped straight to those.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A County Road 1503 woman reported she came home to find someone broke in her home through a window. They broke a picture and ripped pictures of her kids.

• A Nettleton woman reported a Jeep Cherokee was parked across from her County Road 598 house for about 45 minutes with a white man inside. Deputies made contact with the man, who ran out of gas and was waiting on a friend.

• A Shannon man reported he and his sister were in a fight over a cell phone and the bill. He said it became heated with his sister’s daughter’s boyfriend got into the argument.

• A Tupelo woman reported she has been having trouble with her neighbor threatening her.

• A County Road 41 man reported his brother brought his four-wheeler trailer back to his house but he has since noticed it was missing.

• A County Road 1460 man reported noticing the back glass on his van was busted out and a bullet hole was in the side of his vehicle four months ago. Thursday morning his wife noticed the back bedroom window was busted out.

• A County Road 133 man reported having a property line dispute with his neighbor, even after a survey was done.

• A Golden Hills Road woman reported she had a trailer parked in front of her shop and a black Honda four-wheeler parked in the shop. Both have gone missing.

• A Nettleton woman reported getting a text asking her to bring the rifle she has back to school. She didn’t know the number.

• A Mitchell Road woman reported her vehicle key is either missing or stolen.

• A County Road 2346 man reported another man walked to his car, opened the door and punched him in the face.

• A County Road 1057 man reported a woman in a red Chevy truck drove through his yard, damaging his horse fence and hitting a tree.

• A Mitchell Road woman reported her ex-boyfriend came to her residence and broke out the bedroom window because another guy was in the apartment.

• A Nettleton woman reported hitting another car at the intersection of County Roads 520 and 855.


Tupelo Police Department

• A Three States Supply Company employee reported another employee picked up a stool and began to hit him with it. The employee then pinned the man to the floor and wouldn’t let him up after the first man approached the employee to talk about work-related issues.

• A Kansas City Southern employee reported a white man in a beige Town Car ran through the railroad crossing arms on Elizabeth Street, damaging them.

• A man filed a report with Tupelo Police saying West Main Street Walmart loss prevention employees harassed his son when they accused him of shoplifting.

• A man was arrested for public drunk after an officer saw him staggering across West Main Street near Thomas Street, almost being hit by several vehicles in the process.

• A Shirley Street man reported a man and woman came to his house and started a fight with him. According to a witness, the man was fighting him while the female filmed the incident.

• A woman was arrested for driving without a headlight, driving without insurance and failure to comply. She was pulled over on South Green Street for the equipment violation when she told the officer he was harassing her. She then said she had friends in the city and would never have to pay the fines. She also said she had a cousin who was an officer and would take care of the citing officer. The officer continually told her to drive along with her citations but when she continued to argue and refused to comply he attempted to arrest her. She resisted initially but finally complied.


Overheard on the Scanner

A dispatcher was giving an officer information on a subject: “Last name Raphael. Like the Ninja Turtle.”


Mug Shot of the Day

The pretty young lady below is 5-foot-2, 100 pounds. Don’t let that fool you. Kayla Rogers in on a domestic violence charge.


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