Daily Lead 5.5.14: Getting back to it

Hello, good citizens.

You might have noticed – or perhaps not – that my blog went on hiatus last week after the tornado hit. Two main reasons: A) I was too busy to mess with it, and B) I didn’t want to clutter up all of our tornado coverage with the silliness normally found here.

Now a week removed from the destruction, as the long and arduous cleanup process continues, I reckon I can get back to it. So, it being Monday, we’ll look at today’s top stories as well as some of the weekend’s highlights.


Today’s Headlines

Tupelo shooting – A Shannon man was shot to death late Saturday, and charges will be filed against the yet-to-be-named suspect today. The shooting took place on North Green Street, an area that was slammed hard by the tornado. Rough week for those folks.

Tornado tab – Tornado recovery is an expensive proposition, and MEMA will have to foot much of the bill when it comes due.

Giving, getting help – Here is our daily update on tornado relief efforts. There are plenty of ways to help, so nobody has an excuse not to. (That’s as close as I’ll come into guilting you into anything, because that’s really a poor method for soliciting help.)

Worship continues – Several churches were damaged or destroyed by the tornado, including Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. No matter: Holy Trinity congregants gathered on Sunday to worship outdoors. So in reality, that church is still standing strong.


Weekend Wrap

Volunteers descend – Thousands of people volunteered their time and effort over the weekend to help in the recovery process, and we were blessed with fine weather for it.

Servati laid to rest – As if the tornado weren’t bad enough, Tupelo lost a native son in John Servati. The University of Alabama swimmer died last week in Tuscaloosa during a storm when he was crushed by a retaining wall, which likely would have killed Servati’s girlfriend if not for his heroic effort.

Silent sirens – Not all of Tupelo’s tornado sirens sounded a warning last Monday before the EF-3 tornado hit. The reason why is still being investigated. There’s a siren just a few hundred yards from my house, and it didn’t make a peep. If not for Twitter and a couple of our reporters calling me, I wouldn’t have known there was a touch-down. My ears popped just as I was getting the wife and kids into our safe place.


Photo of the Week

Our photographers – Thomas WellsAdam Robison and Lauren Wood – did some outstanding work last week. Tons of great photos that really told the story of the tornado’s destruction and how it affected people, but the shot that’s gotten the most attention is the one below, taken by Lauren. She’s standing on North Green Street, looking down at North Gloster Street.

04281440 Tornado


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