Daily Lead 5.6.14: Hold the peanut brittle


Good morning. I just got a cavity filled, so my mouth is somehow both numb and sore. My dentist didn’t tell me when it’d be cool to eat, or if I should avoid any particular foods, so I guess I’ll just munch on this peanut brittle.

(Haha, j/k, I hate peanut brittle. It’s basically concrete.)

Anyway, as we ponder how David Spade has evolved from an adult who looks 12 years old to an adult who might take too keen an interest in 12-year-olds – I mean, just look at him – let’s review the top headlines from today’s Journal.

Back to school – Joyner Elementary students were able to return to school Monday after the tornado gave them a few days off. These kids are probably still young enough to be excited about going back to school, although I don’t recall ever having such feelings.

Murder case – A St. Louis man – well, he’s 18 – has been charged in the shooting death of a Shannon man. The incident happened Saturday. The suspect, Darryl Hamilton, told police he was in town for a funeral in West Point – which is a good 45-minute drive from Tupelo – and has no prior convictions.

More beer – Sunday beer sales have been approved in Tishomingo County. Good. But does this affect the county’s moonshine business?

Vanelli’s in limbo – The future of Vanelli’s restaurant, which was leveled by the tornado, is up in the air. I did a story on owner Voz Vanelli several years ago related to his passion for hockey. No idea why I was writing about hockey, but there you go.

McKay moves on – Baldwyn boys basketball coach Jason McKay is stepping down to take the superintendent’s job. As someone pointed out on Twitter, that might be considered a demotion in Prentiss County. But seriously, that’s a prime job opening, and McKay leaves big shoes to fill.


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