Daily Lead 5.7.14: Probes are never good

Hello, ladies. … And gentlemen.

Have you read your Daily Journal today? No? Why not? Do you not like us? Of course you like us. You’ve just been too busy this morning. (I’m gonna go with that story.)

Allow me to catch you up on what you’ve missed at the mother ship. As we ponder how awesome it would have been to have Twitter around during the Monica Lewinsky scandal (BTW she’s back!), let us review the top headlines from today’s Journal.

Water probe – I used to work with a guy here who just hated the word “probe,” but I was like, dude, you can’t fit “investigation” into a one-column three-deck hed. Anyway, we’ve got the latest (and exclusive) on the North Lee County Water Association, which is being investigated by the federal government. North Lee manager Jim Banker claims there is no investigation, despite the investigator telling our reporter that there is.

Miller time extended – The Tupelo City Council approved a measure to extend alcohol sale hours. I’ll raise a glass to that. Not right now, obviously; I’m at work, and newsrooms aren’t as loosey-goosey as they used to be.

Special session – Gov. Phil Bryant has called a special legislative session for Thursday to hammer out details on tornado relief funding. I’m of the mind that you can’t overspend on something like this; give folks what they need.

Sharing knowledge – Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton was in Smithville last night to learn from that town the best way to implement effective recovery efforts. As bad as the April 28 tornado was here, we do well to remember that it could’ve been much, much worse.


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