Police Reports 5.7.14: Listen with your ears!

MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: Lacura Dixon won't let a shoplifting charge kill that beautiful smile.
MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: Lacura Dixon won’t let a shoplifting charge kill that beautiful smile.

Why won’t people listen? I mean, if someone tells you to leave and never come back, then don’t come back, even if you are on drugs.

And if someone tells you to stay off your property, stay off it. No matter you left your truck sitting there for a week. (I’d have sold the truck before they got back.)

So much nonsense in today’s batch of police reports. Let’s hop to it, with the best of Tupelo and Lee County.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A Yon O Main Trail woman reported someone took all of the money out of her bank account.

•A County Road 811 woman reported her uncle was dropped off at her residence and her and her husband noticed he was possibly on drugs. He was asked to leave and never come back. The man left but then came back.

•  A Mooreville woman reported her renters have been giving her trouble and agreed to leave.

• A Mitchell Road woman reported someone took her car from in front of her apartment. The car is a white Ford Taurus.

• A County Road 1029 man reported a couple knocked in his door asking where Auburn Church was and how they could help after the storm. The man said he suspects they were not from the area.

• A Baldwyn woman reported her mother-in-law has been harassing her over the phone.

• A County Road 1389 woman reported a man and woman came onto her property to get a truck that was left sitting for over a week. She told the suspects they were not allowed on the property but they didn’t listen.

• A County Road 1704 man reported he and his wife got into a fight over some medicine that a man accused them of stealing.

• A Highway 348 woman reported a woman assaulted her in her residence. It started as a verbal fight.

• A County Road 45 man reported finding a white Buick Lesabre in his back yard.

• A Highway 435 woman reported her daughter has been driving her Chevrolet Lumina and the car is now missing.

• A Mooreville man reported a suspect, who has damaged his property several times, was on his property, and he doesn’t want the suspect there.

• A Highway 370 woman reported a man came into the Fish Lake Store while very intoxicated and started fights with the customers. The man was arrested.

• A County Road 736 woman reported getting into a fight with a man who told her to leave before he hurt her. She got her daughter and left.

• A Craigmont Circle woman reported a man gave her a fake $100 bill.

• A Mooreville woman reported a man stole her debit card and took $80 from her account.

• A County Road 660 man reported someone took money from his vehicle parked outside his home.


Tupelo Police Department

• A Tedford Street man reported someone broke into multiple vehicles on his street and took USB drives, GPS devices, $80 and an iPod.

• A woman reported another woman came into her business, Chatterbox on Spring Street, smelling of alcohol.

• A Universal Asset Management employee reported being hit by another employee. The other employee said he did not hit anyone.

• A woman was arrested for attempting to shoplift four bracelets and a pair of panties totaling $8.99 from Spencer’s and $44.97 worth of rings and bracelets from Charming Charlie in The Mall at Barnes Crossing.

• A man was arrested for an active warrant after an officer observed a loud disturbance involving the man on Monument Drive.

• Two women were arrested for attempting to shoplift $162.51 in bras, panties and diapers from the West Main Street Walmart.

• A man was arrested for disorderly conduct when he was found in a curfew zone on North Gloster Street.


Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.

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