Daily Lead 5.8.14: Confusion reigns and Bob Saget is creepy

Good morning. How are you? Super. I’m OK. Been listening to a lot of angry rap lately for some reason, so maybe I’m not doing OK. Who knows?

Either way, let us ponder just how creepy Bob Saget can be as we review the top headlines from today’s Journal.


Failure to communicate – So, Vista Ridge apartments were deemed unsafe by the city following the tornado, then the city said it did not issue an order of removal, and now the city is mad at the owner of the complex for intending to charge rent during the power outage (the owner, a property management company in Texas, denies this). I’m as confused as you are.

Wine & money – Tupelo’s decision to extend alcohol sale hours will give local watering holes an economic boost, according to the president of the Tupelo Restaurant Association. I’m glad to see this, although it has little effect on me, because I have no social life.

Recovery mode – Tupelo has hired a company out of Picayune to oversee tornado recovery efforts. Executive Recovery Group is the company’s name, a name that suggests they lead searches for missing CEOs and such, but I guess not.

New-look Reed’s – Tupelo’s most prominent downtown retail store – the only one, far as I now, but I only ever go downtown to get coffee at Cafe 212 – had a “re-grand opening,” which really niggles at my grammatical sensibilities.

GumTree time – The GumTree Festival is back this weekend. Insane people will be up early on a Saturday to voluntarily run 10 kilometers, and there will also be art and music and probably something Elvis-related, you’d think.


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