Daily Lead 5.9.14: More water trouble

Got a Friday morning tip for y’all: If you’re sitting behind the dugout at a Major League baseball game, you’d better pay attention to every single pitch. These two morons in Tampa were not paying attention, and it nearly cost one of them their head.

Now that you’re a little wiser – I’m here to help – let’s review the top headlines from today’s Journal.


Water suit – The guy who blew the whistle on the North Lee County Water Association’s mismanagement, and who was subsequently fired, has filed a lawsuit against his former employer. The NLCWA’s response was to issue another boil water notice hey-o!

Laid up – Congressman Alan Nunnelee was hospitalized Thursday with a “suspicious spot on his brain.” Nope, y’all stop right there, because I know what you’re thinking. No jokes.

Storm aid – As expected, the state legislature approved funding to help areas affected by the April 28 tornado, and of course that includes Tupelo, Lee County and Itawamba County. The money is being transferred from the car tag reduction fund but will not increase the cost of car tags. I sure hope not; they’re ridiculously high as it is.

GumTree time – If you like art and food, then get out to the 43rd annual GumTree Festival, which kicks off today. Or, you could throw some tomatoes and raisins against the wall and call it art. Either way.


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