Daily Lead 5.12.14: Marshall Henderson is doing a social experiment


Hello there, people. It’s Monday, and it’s off to a rip-roaring start – on Twitter, at least – thanks to Marshall Henderson. Sure, a social experiment, Marshall. That’s what you’re doing.

So, as we ponder which European league Henderson will end up in, let’s review the top headlines from today’s Journal.


Grading questions – How will your local school grade out this academic year? Hard to say, as a newly developed grading formula is still awaiting approval from the U.S. Department of Education. According to our story, “educators do not know what their schools and districts must do to earn an A, a B or any other grade.” I dunno, maybe do the best you can at teaching the kids?

Horse show shooting – No horses were injured, but a man was shot and sent to the hospital when things went sideways at a horse show on County Road 301 last night. Charges will be filed today.

Mo’ (relief) money – Volunteering is a good thing, and it can pay big dividends – like, as in money. The more people help with tornado recovery, the more federal assistance comes our way. See, the government’s not all bad.

Wilson’s move – We’ve got a cool story on Tupelo High’s Jarvis Wilson, who’s made the move to defense and secured a scholarship offer from Mississippi State. That’s right, high school football in May. Drink it up.


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